Where to Buy Antigen Tests in Ireland

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If you’re wondering where to buy antigen tests in Ireland, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss cost, accuracy, and suitability of antigen tests. Then we’ll discuss the options available on Offsite suppliers.

Off-site suppliers of antigen tests

Antigen tests are an essential part of pregnancy testing and can be purchased from pharmacies or online. The process involves swabbing a sample, mixing it with a reagent, and placing it on a strip. The results are usually available within 30 minutes. Coronavirus antigen tests are also available, and take about 15 minutes. They show a colored line indicating a positive or negative result. The process is similar to that of a home pregnancy test.

The HSE has issued a guidance document for antigen tests in Ireland. The document provides guidance on the performance requirements of antigen tests and is written in Swedish. However, it does not cover antigen tests used by laypeople. https://medichem.ie/


Prices of antigen tests in Ireland have fallen by as much as 25 per cent in recent days, ending months of sustained price hikes. A pharmacist in Dublin’s Prussia Street says that the price of a single test is now EUR6, less than half what it was last week. He says the government should consider subsidising the tests, which are expensive compared to other European countries.

In the UK, antigen tests cost nothing. In Ireland, you can have them carried out at a chain pharmacy for EUR7 each, but a box of five costs EUR30.


The accuracy of antigen tests varies depending on the specimen used. For example, nasal swabs may be used to test for a single viral strain. However, a single test may not be sensitive enough to detect all possible infections. PCR, on the other hand, may take much longer to produce accurate results.

Accuracy of antigen tests is important for public health practitioners and healthcare providers. The results of an accurate test can guide follow-up tests and management of the person tested. Accurate test results can also help laboratory professionals make decisions on additional tests.


The suitability of antigen tests is an important consideration for a rapid antigen testing program. It depends on the workplace circumstances and worker population at the time of risk assessment. Availability of reliable antigen test supplies is also a consideration. Also, consider whether a device is TGA-approved and where it is to be used. In addition, consider the performance characteristics of the antigen test. In a clinical setting, the test should show high sensitivity and specificity for the antigen.

Suitability of antigen tests may improve testing capacity and reduce costs. Antigen tests also offer rapid turnaround. However, the exact testing algorithm will vary depending on the institution and type of test being used. The availability of same-day testing may be a critical factor in the suitability of antigen tests.


Antigen tests can be purchased from pharmacies and shops in Ireland. A swab of the nose is all it takes to carry out the test, and results are available within 15 minutes. Antigen tests are recommended for all children under the age of five, but are not compulsory for older children. The HSE website has information on how to carry out an antigen test at home, including a video. If a child tests positive, they must contact the HSE and report their results. The results of an antigen test can be followed up by a PCR test or a COVID-19 recovery certificate.

Rapid antigen tests are currently being investigated by the Department of Health as an addition to existing national testing programmes. The tests are FDA-authorized and have high specificity, allowing healthcare providers to rely on them in diagnosis. However, if a negative antigen test is produced, it should be viewed as a preliminary diagnosis.